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This section was written after the rest of the article so that we had a better idea of how each network sized up to the others. Let’s first take a look at the use of social media cross the entire online adult population.

  • 58% of adults use Facebook.
  • 23% of adults use LinkedIn.
  • 22% of adults use Pinterest.
  • 21% of adults use Instagram.
  • 19% of adults use Twitter.

This is pretty telling that, no matter what you’re selling, you’re likely to find new audiences on Facebook. As for the rest of the networks, you’ll need to drill deeper into this data to see what is a good fit.

It’s important to bear in mind that just because someone uses one network, doesn’t mean that they wont use another. In fact, more than ever, people are starting to use multiple social media networks instead of sticking to just one.

  • 24% of adults are on two social sites.
  • 16% of adults are on three social sites.
  • 8% of adults are on four social sites.
  • 4% of adults are on five social sites.

Not only does the use of different social networks vary, but the frequency with which people use these networks varies as well.

  • 70% of adults use Facebook daily.
  • 49% of adults use Instagram daily.
  • 36% of adults use Twitter daily.
  • 17% of adults use Pinterest daily.
  • 13% of adults use LinkedIn daily.

In a perfect world, your brand would create a presence on every single social network available and drill into segmentation further for each. Depending on your resources, that may not be feasible, so choose your networks wisely, and make the most of them once there.


Wichtig für die Crowdfunding-Kampagne – wer liest was und welche Kanäle werden von welcher Altersgruppe und Geschlecht genutzt.

Die Wahl der Social-Media-Plattform ist durchaus entscheidend für den Erfolg einer Crowfunding-Kampagne. Wer beispielsweise Designer T-Shirts finanzieren lassen möchte, wäre gut beraten neben den üblichen Plattformen auch die Netzwerke mit einem hohen Frauenanteil zu bedienen. Projektstarter die höherpreisigen Gütern wie z.B. High-End-Lautsprecher crowdfunden wollen, sollten die Plattformen mit älteren Nutzern nicht außer acht lassen.

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